Crystal Comments


Question I am not receiving the registration E-mail

Answer Registration E-Mails are sent out instantly. Check your junk/spam folder if you are not receiving it. If you still do not receive a registration E-mail, try a different E-Mail address. All unactivated E-Mail addresses are deleted from the system.

Question How do I set a profile picture?

Answer Click the profile option. Click the upload profile photo button.

Question How do I change my profile colors?

Answer Click the style option. You can either create a new style or visit the style store to buy a style with your gold. Click the my style button to return to your main styles page. Choose a bought or created style from one of the drop downs and push the save button to save your changes

Question How do I change My E-Mail address, password, time zone, E-Mail notifications or privacy options?

Answer Click the options option. All of your account options, privacy options and E-Mail notification options are on a single page for your convenience. Please contact us to request additional features.

Question How do I invite my friends to Crystal Comments?

Answer Click the bonuses option. Click the link that says Invite a friend. Enter your friends E-Mail address.

Please contact us if you have any questions. A contact link is on the bottom of every page.